Your Vehicle is NOT Maintenance Free, Sterling Heights Car Owners

February 26, 2015

A generation ago, Sterling Heights auto owners seemed to be more inclined to keep their vehicles preventive maintenance on schedule. One reason for this may be that vehicles back then were a lot less reliable than they are today. Having your SUV in to your Sterling Heights shop ever... More

Cool Breeze: Air Conditioning Service At Sterling Tire & Auto In Sterling Heights

February 19, 2015

Most Michigan car owners know that their vehicles need regular preventive maintenance like changing the oil and filters, rotating the tires and refilling the washer fluid. But did you know that your air conditioning system needs routine maintenance as well? Taking care of your air conditioning ... More

Talk To Sterling Tire & Auto About New Shoes For Your Vehicle

February 13, 2015

Custom wheels are one way that Sterling Heights folks express themselves and personalize their SUV. But they arent as cheap and easy as sticking decals on your back window. There are several important factors need to be considered, including cost, the fit of the wheel, modifications that will h... More

Tire Rotation and Balancing at Sterling Tire & Auto in Sterling Heights

February 6, 2015

Tires do a lot of vital work for Sterling Heights auto owners. They transfer engine power and braking forces to the road; they handle steering control; and they cushion all those bumps and jolts while driving around Sterling Heights. They also support the entire weight of the vehicle... More